Hi! My name is Mickey Godfrey and I'm a marketing consultant and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon.

Every organization has a unique story behind their brand which reflects their passions and drives the values of their business. I love helping companies tell these stories to connect their brand with consumers. Bridging this gap creates a richer and more engaging experience for the consumer while helping the organization grow and share their passions with more people.  

As a graphic designer, I'm constantly striving to create simple impactful designs which embody a brand and help tell a story. My passions are often seen through my designs which include playing in the outdoors, hiking up mountains, skiing down mountains, running in the rain, constructing home made pizzas, traveling the world, and all the while spending time with my friends and family. I look to continue to grow and develop as a designer finding new ways to explore the creative world.

Feel free to send me a line as I would love to learn more about your company's story and opportunities for me to help you grow through marketing and design!